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The Bible and the Truth

In my last post I mentioned that people really don't know as much as they think they know about the Bible. I was reluctant to elaborate at the time because I wasn't sure if I was ready for the responses I would receive. I have decided I am willing to face whatever may come my way, I just hope everyone is ready for what I have to share. I have struggled most of my life with religion. I have always had more questions than anyone could answer. It got to where the only answers anyone seemed to have was " That's just the way it is." or " It's in the bible." Well, I got tired of hearing that so I started looking for it, in the Bible. Guess what! I have yet to find one thing in the Bible that I was ever told was in there. In fact, I found that almost every Bible story I was ever taught was not how the bible told it. I began to notice, from the very first story, that through the generations, people must have just started telling things the way they thought the stories should go. Also, the more I read, the more hypocritical and contradictive it (the Bible) became. There are so many obvious flaws with the Bible that I am just baffled as to how so many people have never taken notice. Even people of non-christain faiths who claim the Bible false, don't appear to have notice the things I have. They only seem to want to be against it and could care less about understanding what it is they are against.  I, on the other hand, would be considered non-christain, I believe there to be not just one but several greater beings, and my belief in the existence of those beings is supported by the very Bible that modern christianity has based their beliefs.  
  You see, hundreds of years ago, illiteracy was a very very common thing. About the only people that new how to read were the very wealthy (men mostly), church leaders, and members of the royal courts. So in church, instead of reading the Bible to the people as it was written, the priests and preachers and what not, told it however they felt they should. They were servants to God, so no one dared question what they said. Over time, man grew smarter, got educated, learned to read, the only problem is no one felt it necessary to really sit down and read the Bible. They already knew what it said. This is where the problem with modern religion began. People just repeated what was told to them, and then they would just pick and choose random verses and chapters that seem to fit their purpose. They would just leave out or add to it, any details that may or may not support their point.  
     While I am sure I have started to piss a few people off, let me remind you, none of what I am saying or am going to say comes from own my thoughts or theories about the Bible. It all comes from the Bible itself. Since there is an untold number of flaws, hypocrisies, and contradictions that I have found and would like to share, I am going to have to do it in several different posts. I just hope everyone keeps an open mind about this. I am open to any debate or discussion about anything I mentions, I just ask that people be mature about it and keep things clean and tasteful.

I am new to this site.

Religion has been a very heavy topic for me for the better part of my life. There are alot of things I have to say about the whole thing but I am concerned about how people may react to those things. No one likes it when someone questions the "Good Book". I wonder how they will take it when I point out, from the bible, that they really don't know what they are talking about. I wonder if I can take the heat that the things i say may generate.

The Dogma of Faith

Believing in the Greatest Value of Human as a way to God:


What do you think about this new religion?

I Don't Celebrate Christmas

I don't celebrate "solstice" or "yule" or "Chanukkah" (which was three weeks ago btw so please don't wish it to your Jewish friends) or "winter holiday" or any of that. To me, December 25th is just a day, like March 27th or August 5th. Of course, being a member of exchristians, it used to be important, and I'm still left in those trappings. I'll sing all the songs, from habit and the fact that I can't help myself from singing, I'm one of those people, but they are just songs, I don't really want god to rest any merry gentlemen as much as I'm not actually caught in any bad romance.

My family lives far away, and so I don't have the financial ability, nor the desire to visit them this time of year. They are still Christian, and with young children in the house it's becoming more apparent, my sister raising her children Christian, the Jesus references are more obvious than years before when it was just us adults. And then there are other reasons I don't care to visit them, but that's off topic and I'm sure most any family could relate. I work in retail, so "the holidays" are, if I'm lucky, two days off in a row and I might get paid extra.

What I'm trying to get at, is that when I mention that I don't celebrate Christmas, or solstice or whatnot, people get offended. Really really offended. And I'm not talking about Christians getting offended, I'm living in a stunningly diverse city, but others treat me as if I was some sort of monster, à la Ebeneezer Scrooge, that I don't have a celebration this particular time of year. (I have none of the Scrooge characteristics, btw, other than not celebrating Christmas, I'm benevolent to a fault, still caught up in my Christian-guilt, and mind-numbingly poor).

What I mean, I hope I'm making sense, is I don't see why it's so terribly wrong and evil to not celebrate at this time of year. I hate A Christmas Carol, not simply because it's be done in infinite variations, but because the message is "you're a monster if you don't celebrate this particular holiday." But the story permeates this time of year, in every heart and every soul, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Buddhist, Pagan....
Here's what I posted in my personal blog. I thought you guys would enjoy reading it.

Lately I've heard a lot of chatter from Christians about how upset they are at "The War on Christmas". They claim that people get offended when one wishes them "Merry Christmas". I would like to set the record straight on how this is perceived by one agnostic/atheist, and possibly I speak for others, too.

Why Merry Christmas is not really offensive; and I talk out of my butt, but I could be rightCollapse )

And here's a blog my friend found. I love that it was actually written by a Christian. The exact same words coming out of a nonbeliever's mouth would horrify and shock Christians, I believe.

"God is greater than reason"

I have often heard the stance that god is "greater than reason", so even if the claim of god's existence is unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific, everyone can happily believe whatever. After all, Ockam's razor only applies in science, so why bother...

Are there any refutations to this claim? Pointers, perhaps...?

So...the big question: how do you tell your Christian parents that you no longer believe?

Lustful thoughts

You know how christians "give testimony" every other day? About how Jesus saved them from lustful thoughts?

Well, today, my beloved brothers and sisters (yay, sister!), I will give testimony to you.

It just occurred to me. The more I move away from christianity, the less obsessive I am about sexuality. It is exactly the *opposite* of what christianity predicts. Satan didn't drive me into sexual obsession. Satan freed me from it.

Not that I'm exactly celibate *gg* - but neither do I go out every night and fuck around - I just find that I really don't think about sex all that often. And when I do, it is a very happy, comforting thought. It's a kind of relaxed, layed-back attitude that is utterly full of joy, especially when I compare it to all the cramped-up, aching feelings I had back in my religious days.

Bottom line, you can't repress your sexuality. It's not even that you *shouldn't* do it - it's simply impossible. It doesn't work.

Of course, this may all just be due to the very simple process of getting older and wiser. :-) Anyway, it's quite enjoyable.

To troll or not to troll

You know, this kind of bugs me.

I've been very adverse to christianity, and I also had times when I was very soft, and almost felt like an "inofficial christian" myself. (Yeah, I am able and sometimes willing to interpret things in a way such that everything is everything else; I can be odd at that. Also, technically speaking, I cannot even escape christianity, according to their own doctrine, being baptised and all.)

I would love to just have a few hearty, hard debates with intelligent christians. I mean, they can try to convert me, I really don't mind that. I'm old enough to think for myself, and I certainly don't fear manipulation or whatever.

But this doesn't seem at all possible, at least online. The faith-based communities will ban you for being heretic and "luring people away from the faith", the anti-religious communities won't have many christian members, and there doesn't seem to be much in between.

I have times when I think, screw it, and I go pestering the christians. But of course, all that does is stir up shit. Do I really want that? Well, yes and no. It's fun for a while, but it doesn't go anywhere.

My position on this is decidedly un-decided. On the one hand, if you stumble into buddhists, and declare that you think the buddha was a moron, they'll most likely just laugh you off, or debate you - but they won't ban you. This is what I expect of grown-up folks.

I guess, since I enjoy an intellectual challenge, I have a hard time seeing that other folks can't enjoy that at all. In fact, I see it as a profound weakness in faith-based religions.

But on the other hand, aren't folks allowed to retreat into their weird little ghetto?

And then again, *they* are allowed to go out and proselytize to their heart's content. So the debate always seems to be on their terms, which seems totally unjustified to me.

And then again... It's just ugly to think that no debate is really possible between believer and unbeliever. It's totally irrational and unjustified.

And then again... and again...

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