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The fricken 4 blood moons

A couple years ago when I was still a Christian, that's all my parents would talk about with me and my wife when we visited. Blood moons, blood moons. They would set us down, and we'd have to sit through Pastor Homophobe Hagee with a big mural behind him talking about 4 blood moons from their DVR.

My parents do not live nearby. We have the opportunity to stay overnight with them perhaps 4 or 5 times a year, when it would be nice to just have them as my parents, and me as their son, and my wife as their daughter-in-law and just spend time together. But there for awhile, we knew what each visit would entail--some planned event where they were going to practically chain us to the sofa, and to wow us with the blood moons, and that Jesus was coming soon, and that something was going to happen with Israel (like something isn't always happening with Israel) and it's this big fricken miracle in the sky that's "God's Billboard" (Hagee's term not mine), of monumental things about to happen.

While I was still a Christian, I looked up all of the past historical events that Hagee proclaimed happened EXACTLY when the blood moons took place before, only to find out those events didn't actually happen when the blood moons took place, but sometimes a year or two before, or a year or two after. I sent the link to Dad, but it didn't phase him, because in his mind it still coincided since it was K for close.

But now, the 4th blood moon has come and gone. And guess what, no more talk of blood moons from my parents. No: 'oh I guess they were wrong about that' or 'hmm, thought for sure something would happen' or even trying to make some event coincide. Nope. Nothing. Just like it never happened. They're able to just walk away and go on to the next big thing whatever it is. Before the blood moons it was "the EMP is coming!" and they got all prepared by buying one of those all-in-one generators from life-long grifter/adulterer Jim Bakker. When we see them in a couple of weeks, I guarantee it'll be something else.

So Hagee and Bakker get their millions from preaching and selling fear and they each give another puff on their proverbial cigar. it's a win-win all around. They get their money, and the gullible Christians feel a little safer from the manufactured menace. Everyone's happy.

If I sound a little bitter, I am. I had the best parents in the world for years, before they both bought into all this stuff. We were all three of us Christian, and we were happy, and I understand why people would rather not unplug themselves from the Matrix and start questioning their beliefs because things can be pretty good ...until you take a step back from believing that you're being oppressed and see who the REAL oppressors are, and who it hurts.

I can never go back knowing what I know. Part of me wants to believe in something, but the other part of me is happy to just be free from all of it.


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