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exchristians's Journal

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Former Christians
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This a community for former Christians who left the faith for various grievances they have with Christianity, and how it is currently interpreted.

We are here because: We were harmed in some way by our Christianity. Some of us were abused by fundementalist parents. Some of us belonged to sects such as Christian Scientists, or Jehovah's Witnesses as a child, and found our upbringing harsh, or alienating. Some of us are homosexual or bisexual, and no longer feel welcome within the faith. But at root, we simply no longer agree with some or all of the teachings of Christianity.

What we are not:
- Christian haters
[We hate what Christanity and it's
interpretations by bad Christians
did to us. Not good Christians.]
- amoral, or areligious
[We have spiritual beliefs. Some of
us have gone onto be Jews, Muslims,
Pagans, Native Americans,
Scientologists, Buddhists, Sikhs,
etc. etc.]

If you are looking for a Christian community, here are some we recommend:

christ4illness [For mentally ill Christians]

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